• Altitude

    Futurecalls has signed up an exclusive agreement with Altitude Software Asia Pac to jointly offer,
    `cloud based contact center technology solution’ in India

    Advantages of our solution over all other cloud based solutions available in India are
    • The solution is hosted from one of the best Tier 3 Data Center in India . Tier 3 certification is a high availability certification given by Uptime Institute and handful of Data Centers only have Tier 3 certification in India. We will be using one of the Tier 3 certified Data Center. Competitor solutions are running on in-house uncertified data centers which cannot offer high availability for critical contact center services.
    • We are offering the solution using featuristic, scalable and premium contact center solution ie Altitude Software. Other solutions cannot offer this level of availability and features. All features available in an on-prem Altitude software solution will be available with our cloud solution as well
    • We are offering the cloud service on joint partnership with Altitude Software. Altitude Software is also committed for the success of this business. This is the first time a premium solution like altitude software is partnering for offering a solution.
    • Solution is hosted out of India and very few solutions are hosted out of India. Hosting out of India has specific advantages for Indian installations.